Why 'GLOW' star Alison Brie agreed to nude scenes

After starring in shows such as “Mad Men” and “Community,” one thing Alison Brie had yet to do on screen was strip down in front of the cameras. Now, the 34-year-old star is making waves as 1980s female wrestler, Ruth Wilder, in the Netflix series “GLOW,” where the she learned how to get comfortable with nude scenes.

“Very early on in auditioning it was a case of, ‘Don’t come to any more auditions unless you’re comfortable with nudity, because it is a part of the show,’” Brie told Net-a-Porter’s The Edit. “It was a deal-breaker, for sure. At that time, I just wanted to be on the show so much that I really didn’t care.”

The star admitted to the magazine that she was somewhat unsure about doing on-screen nudity, but she became more comfortable with the idea when she learned that the nudity on the show wasn’t just for show.

"It was important that the show be a realistic portrayal of life in the way people live and the way they have sex,” Alison said. “And also that our show be about every aspect of women’s bodies, and women not being ashamed of their bodies. We’re not being shot in a way that’s over-sexualizing us, or exploiting us. I found it very freeing and empowering, and I’m so glad that I did it.”

But the nude scenes weren’t the only thing that helped Brie to feel empowered. The star said that a lot of her role as Wilder involved fitness. Brie and rest of the cast focused on working out for the show, but the star said the experience of “GLOW” helped her learn how to use her body in a different ways, giving her a whole new appreciation for her the female figure.

“It really changed the way I felt about my body. It felt so empowering and exciting, and it proved that we were capable of so much more than we expected. GLOW” is such a body-positive show; all of the women on it feel really comfortable in their bodies, and that is such a healthy thing to be surrounded by.”

Recently the actress received nominations for both the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, and also has a role in the Tommy Wiseau inspired film,“The Disaster Artist,” which stars in a long-side her brother-in-law James Franco and her husband Dave Franco.

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