Store mascot lights rival mascot on fire in front of McDonald's restaurant

Bizarre footage captured the moment two mascots fought a brutal turf war outside a restaurant — and it became so nasty one set the other on fire.

A man dressed as a giant coin became irate with the other, dressed as a cartoon chef, outside a McDonald’s in Novosibirsk, southern Russia.

The coin launched the first punch after he became annoyed that he had little space to pose near the restaurant.

But somehow the novelty chef had the upper hand, landing quite a few punches onto the coin’s face.

In a sudden turnaround, the coin managed to knock the chef onto the ground leaving him completely embarrassed. He appeared to use his shame to get back up and land a few more blows on the coin.

But he was knocked over again. Looking tired, the coin took his eye off his rival, who suddenly sat up and whipped out a lighter and set fire to his opponent’s highly flammable costume.

Within seconds, the coin was blazing and the chef got back to his feet to continue the battle, attacking his rival even as the flames engrossed from his costume.

The coin tried to fight back but eventually realized that he needed to put out the flames if he was to escape serious injury and threw himself on the ground as a security guard doused him with a fire extinguisher.

Police are now investigating the incident and officers are studying the video which is also proving compulsive viewing with the wider public after it was shared on social media.

Some cynical online commentators suspected the entire incident was staged to attract publicity for the fast food restaurant.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.

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