The home Meghan Markle was living in when she met Prince Harry is up for sale

Meghan Markle's former Toronto rental home is up for sale as the soon-to-be British royal moves in with her fiancee Prince Harry. 

Markle had rented the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the Seaton Village neighborhood of Toronto while filming USA Network's Suits in the city, according to the Toronto Star. The property is up for sale for $1.395 million — a sizable price tag for the property owners who originally purchased it about a decade ago for $508,000, The Star reported. 

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The spacious two-story home has a "professionally landscaped private garden retreat" and is described as "a perfect home for entertaining" and a "stylish designer inspired home," according to Freeman Real Estate, which holds the listing for the property. The home also has a detached two-car garage and a dine-in kitchen with a fridge with French doors.  

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A representative from Freeman Real Estate in downtown Toronto declined to provide photos of the property and said the company would not comment on the sale.

However, Daniel Freeman, a broker with Freeman Real Estate, told Canada’s Globe and Mail. “there are no traces of reality in the house, except that it’s a very fine residence.”

“She had good taste,” he added.

While living in the home, Markle posted photos of her dogs on the back patio, her white sofa and several vases of flowers and coffee table books, as detailed in Vogue Australia.  

Prince Harry and Markle reportedly spent time together in Toronto while they dated, according to the Toronto Star. Neighbors interviewed by the news outlet said paparazzi and high security became commonplace on the Toronto street. The couple also made their first public appearance together at the 2017 Invictus Games in September in downtown Toronto. 

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The couple announced their engagement in late November. They will live together on the grounds of Kensington Palace in Nottingham College, where Prince Harry has lived since 2013. Prince Harry revealed that he proposed to Markle in the cottage's kitchen as they prepared roast chicken.

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