Amsterdam airport cops shoot man with knife; not terror, officials say

A knife-wielding man was shot by Dutch military police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport Friday. A knife-wielding man was shot by Dutch military police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport Friday. Authorities said it was not being treated at a terror incident.

The Marechaussee police service tweeted the situation was "safe" and noted the suspect had been detained and removed from the scene.

"Man at Schiphol shot at by the military police, after he made threats with a knife. Situation safe," the tweet said.

"The man threatened with a knife and the military police shot him," spokesman Stan Verberkt said, according to Sky News. "He was injured and has been taken into custody."

Verberkt told The Associated Press that "the circumstances are telling us that it has nothing to do with terrorism."

No details of the alleged attacker's condition were released.

Dutch media reported the airport's main plaza was temporarily evacuated after the incident.

In a tweet the airport said a small part remained closed and that air traffic was not impacted.

"Schiphol Plaza has been re-opened to the public again. A small part is still closed down. Air traffic is experiencing no further consequences," the tweet said.

Airport spokesman Roos van der Ven said Schiphol Plaza, which houses stores, bars and restaurants, was evacuated, but not the parts of the airport behind the check-in area and security checks.

Videos on social media showed what appeared to be the suspect being taken out of the airport in a stretcher.

No further information was immediately available. There were no reports of other injuries.

Schiphol, just outside Amsterdam, is one of Europe's busiest airports.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Lucia I. Suarez Sang is a Reporter for Follow her on Twitter @luciasuarezsang

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